Frequently Asked Questions

1. General

Q. What is GraceKennedy Value Rewards?

Q. How do I sign up?

Q. How do I link my First Global Bank (FGB) Credit Card?

Q. How do I refer my family or friends?

Q. What are the participating GK brands?

Q. How do I reset my password?

Q. What is my GK Value Rewards membership number?

Q. What is the GK Value Rewards WhatsApp number?

2. Earn Points

Q. How do I earn points?

Q. Do I get points when I transact with FX Trader?

Q. How do I track my accumulated points?

Q. Do my points expire?

Q. How do I query missing points?

3. Redeeming Rewards

Q. What rewards can I earn with my GK Value Rewards points?

Q. How do I redeem my points?

Q. Are there any fees to redeem rewards?

Q. How many points do I need to earn to start redeeming?

Q. Can I cancel a reward selection?

Q. Do my reward vouchers expire?

Q. Will there be special offers to members?

Q. Can I use points at GK subsidiaries?

Q. Can I transfer points I've earned to someone else?

4. Help

Q. How can I contact GKVR?

Q. How do I replace a lost or stolen Member card?

Q. How do I change my account information?

Q. Are the Terms and Conditions available for viewing?

Q. How can I get a physical card?


Q. General Questions

Q. Remittance Questions

Q. Bill Payment Questions

Q. Credit Card Questions

Q. GK ONE Mobile App Contact Information